New Nairobi-Salzburg Penpal Program Brings Kids Together 2020/8/14
A new phase of a program that builds friendships between kids in Salzburg, Austria and Nairobi, Kenya, was launched in July. The first batch of personal letters was mailed from students of St. Gilgen International School to peers at the Magosa School in the Kibera district of Nairobi, Kenya.  The Foundation's Penpal Program was started by Mark as a vehicle to build bridges between students of vastly different economical backgrounds around the world - in particular through shared musical and artistic interests.  Magosa is a vibrant, privately run school of over 500 HIV-orphaned, previously abandoned children who are surviving life in Kibera, Africa's largest slum.  Typically, students get to make new friends by sharing physical letters and drawings with each other. To date, the Penpal Program has drawn in schools from China, Europe and Africa.  The foundation provides overall direction, coordinates volunteers and funds postage and other activities.