Mark Obama Ndesandjo Performs Charity Concerts in Liechtenstein and Switzerland 2020/7/22

Mark  gave two piano concerts in Schann, Liechtenstein, and Bad Ragaz, Switzerland on Nov. 30, 2019 and Dec 1st , 2019 respectively together with Hannfried Lucke, the world famous organist and the vice chancellor of Mozarteum University, Europe’s pre-eminent music school. He played his own compositions as well as works by Chopin, Beethoven, and Schubert. The concerts raised money to help needy Romanian children, as well as Mark’s foundation programs, including the Piano + 1™ program. They were also attended by the Royal Family of Lichtenstein, a great honor. Mark is a world-class pianist, composer, writer and Chinese calligrapher. In addition to his talent for the arts, he has a BSc. Physics from Brown University, an MSc. Physics from Stanford, and an Executive MBA from Emory University.

“This was a great opportunity to help children and spread the message of art, thanks to the charitable efforts of the people of Liechtenstein and Switzerland.”, said Professor Lucke. “I was thrilled to share my music with my friends and supporters, and particularly honored to play with Hannfried Lucke the first ever improvisation between the organ and piano. Please help us bring art to kids and support our cause!”, said Mark..