Violins For Kibera! 2019/5/25
Kibera is Africa’s largest slum, and has a population of over a quarter million. It is located in Nairobi and is the home to hundreds of thousands of children, including 450 in one of the schools we visited. The kids in Magosa School are HIV/Aids orphans or disadvantaged, but are fantastic singers and musicians. In March the foundation donated three violins entrusted to us by the Mozarteum University in Salzburg, Austria. An additional three violins, including from private donors, were donated to the Action Foundation, an organization supporting 21 schools in the Kibera slum. A foundation volunteer playedviolin to kids in Kibera. After hearing Joshua play Bach, three quarters of the kids put up their hands and said they wanted to learn violin.  Our new Violin + 1 program is growing!