Bringing Art to Kids in Kibera 2016/7/29

While In Nairobi, Mark visited the Magosa School in Kibera.Africa’s largest slum (population 1 Million+).  80% of the over 500 pupils are orphans and the remainder  from severely destitute families. Most are HIV orphans. Mark and his Foundation initiated a pen-pal program over a year ago between Magosa and the Shenzhen Welfare Centre, and Mark and Foundation Director Chloe Liu delivered holiday greeting cards designed and written by the kids in Shenzhen. The Magosa children will reply to them as well as send cards for members of the Hong Kong community, building artistic ties between China, Hong Kong and Kenya. Mark invited Jayna Shah, Executive Director of Lions Kenya to join. Jayna presented food and toys to the kids. Mark also made a small donation on behalf of the Foundation to the nascent Magosa Arts program.