Providing pianos and teachers in Yunnan Province 2018/10/31

Mark was invited to Yunnan province in Western China to encourage kids to learn music and the. arts. On behalf of his Foundation, Mark and his wife Xue Hua donated a piano and seed funding for a music teacher. The Foundation's P+1 program is designed to provide musical instruments and funding for needy kids around the world. The Jinxing school in Rueli township serves over 300 mostly Daizu minority primary schoolers. Many of the kids had never seen or touched a piano before. "I like the piano because it looks beautiful",' one eight year old said. "I only have seen them on TV," said a little girl. Children then crowded around the piano to try it out. The trip was organized in collaboration with the Shenzhen Welfare Center, the Shenzhen Charity Federation and the 365 Charity Foundation.